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December, 2019
Northern Territory, Australia

Chef. Nathan Croton

I trained to be a Chef in New Zealand at the Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology. Most of my training was completed up in the Marlborough area, where we used fresh local seafood. I love all types and styles of food. I have always had a passion for doing different things to excel in my culinary career.
Punga Cove was my first Head Chef position, followed by Sous Chef at the Portage Resort. I have since worked in many major hotels, such as Rydges and the Park Royal. I have spent the past ten years travelling around Australia broadening my culinary knowledge, with time spent as a Chef for Gourmet Escapes in Margaret River and Noosa.
I am currently the sole Chef at Cicada Lodge in the Northern Territory where we strongly focus on Australian 'Bush Tucker' and 'Wild Goods'. We produce elegant three course meals for up to forty guests. I was truly amazed when I was introduced to The Super Mousse! The time saved during meal preparation and the ability to cater for a wide range of dietary requirements has really helped our kitchen to produce first class meals! I have used The Super Mousse in all elements of our dishes including entrees, mains and desserts. It really is amazing.
What I noted was the lack of flour taste when using The Super Mousse, which normally occurs with the use of corn starch and flour. The Super Mousse really did save time, without compromising on flavour. I have started to experiment more with The Super Mousse and all I can say, is WOW! I highly recommend chefs in any sized kitchen give The Super Mousse a go.
I would like to thank the Create team for making this unique product that is gluten free, vegan friendly and halal. It is ticking all the boxes for my kitchen and I will be replacing all products in our kitchen with The Super Mousse.

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