What is Create Food Tech?

Create Food Tech are the Australian suppliers for The Super Mousse. At our core, we are a food innovation company.
As direct partners to "Create" by Chiarini, Our current focus is The Super Mousse. Longterm, our goal is to become a trusted source for unique ingrediants and products. One unique, incredible product at a time.

Gianfranco Chiarini, and "Create" The Super Mousse.

From the international site, Please visit for more product information.

“Create” TSM, is an innovative food ingredient designed by Food Engineer and Award Winning Chef. Gianfranco Chiarini. wikipedia.org/wiki/Gianfranco_Chiarini
We understand perfectly that for a Chef or a Foodie it can be frustrating to manipulate a product that will not allow you to be yourself. "Create" TSM allows you to be the Chef you are or wish to be. "Create" TSM will help you change the texture of the suggested food products you wish to prepare, but you are the one who has to add the flavor! "Create" TSM is a solution that allows you to “Create”.
"Create" TSM should be stored in a dry place and will last up to 2 years. "Create" TSM is absolutely user friendly. If you exceed the dosage and the texture becomes too hard, all you have to do is add more of the same liquid you were working with and voila! you have returned to the desired texture. If the falloff of your final product is too strong and you wish to soften the intensity, no problem! Slowly add some water to your final mix and the product will have a softer taste. Remember, though, if you add water the texture will become softer. Therefore add little-by-little "Create" TSM, to return to the desired texture.
Chef. Chiarini
Born in Italy and raised between the New York city in the United States of America, Italy and Venezuela and with Colombian roots; has earned the title of one of the most versatile Chefs in the world. His activities range from Restaurant Designer, Luxury Hotels, Food Engineer, Book Writer, Television Personality, Professor with more than 14,000 students in different parts of the world. Chef. Gianfranco Chiarini speaks 7 languages.